StandUp Parenting

Parents in the groups introduce you to the StandUp Parenting Program.

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  • Are you a parent who often says “yes” when you want to say “no”?
  • Do you set limits but do not always follow through?
  • Have mornings become a dreaded routine of trying to get your young person out of bed and off to school or work?
  • Are you at wit’s end with telephone calls from school, curfews that are ignored, anxiety when your young person doesn’t come home?
  • Does your teen or adult child shrug responsibility, expecting you to solve their problems?
  • Are you overwhelmed with worry about how to deal with the problems your teen or adult child is causing?
  • Do you fear (or know) that your teen or adult child is involved with illegal substances and are at a loss as to what can be done?
  • Have you tried “everything”…and nothing seems to work?

StandUp Parenting is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides education and support through a network of local support groups. Whether you are the parent of a teen or an adult, we teach successful strategies to help you make changes and effectively manage the next crisis. Our goal is to empower parents and their young person, and to keep the family intact.